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Sell By Owner In Newnan

Selling a home by owner in Newnan is a popular option as evidenced by the red and white signs in these well-known neighborhoods in Newnan:
Arbor Springs Plantation, Gosdin Park, Summergrove, Smokey Acres Virginia Heights.

However being a for sale by owner has changed over the last few years with the internet and exposure that the internet offers. Now just being a for sale by owner misses the other side of the street where other buyers are lurking. Buyers predominately search the internet for a home and they know that they can see everything that is listed by any agent, with any company, in any city right there on the internet. The only thing that is different right now is that they have to go to two different category sites to find this information. A MLS driven site and then a for sale by owner site.

You see, in real estate transactions in the past, you have had only two options; sell by owner or list with an agent. Now in Newnan you have another option. You can now list in the agent system while being a for sale by owner and having for sale by owner rights. At Duffy Realty, we merge these two together to make sure that you are covered.

Listing your home in Newnan in the multiple listing service will give you exposure on many internet sites

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that feed from the MLS. Hundreds if not thousands of sites are not pulling from the MLS. This allows many buyers to see your home and compare your home with others.

Search the Multiple Listing Service here to see how many houses are just like you in your price range, area and have what you have.

And, having the opportunity to also be in the for sale by owner system through websites allows you to capture every buyer in the market place. This is very important when you are doing your best to attract every and any buyer who could buy your home.

Now see how many houses are for sale by owner in with the same criteria.


You must also consider that the traditional agent system does not add you to the for sale by owner system thus, you are missing some buyers who only search in this system.

At Duffy Realty we have created a program that is the best of both worlds. Agent help and exposure in the MLS, contract negotiation, hundreds of websites that house all the listings from the MLS and for sale by owner websites and we give you rights to sell by owner without having to pay an agent commission if the buyer buys your home not using an agent.

All of this coupled with a price savings in listing commission leads our clients to have the most exposure, an opportunity to negotiate a better offer for them and their buyer and ultimately quicker results in getting their house sold.